Quarantine and read

Hi! I’m glad that quarantine got me writing again. Well I intend to use this time to complete reading a lot of books which have been lying around in my “to be read” pile. Also, my New Year’s goal this year was to maintain a book journal. Nothing fancy, just a little something creative to... Continue Reading →


Wouldn't it just be easier If we all realised we had Magic in us; Wouldn't it just be easier If we all acknowledged each other's magic; Wouldn't it just be easier If we all felt the Magic around us; Then again... We humans don't get Magic.


In all those times that you were blaming it on someone, Finding faults with others, Pinning your fate to be in their hands, Accusing them of stealing your future, Putting all your hopes and dreams on them, You forgot one person all along, You forgot to blame yourself for your mistakes, You forgot to own... Continue Reading →

Getting over turbulence

You know when you are travelling in an airplane and there's just a lot of turbulence and you feel anxious sometimes or nauseous sometimes or scared sometimes or angry sometimes. Whatever you might feel, you just want that turbulence to stop and along with it all the other negative things you are feeling too. My... Continue Reading →


One year passed ... Same feelings for someone, even stronger if possible... Same unbearable sacrifice only this time forever, Same sadness without that one person in your life, Same chaos between friendship even deeper now, Same aimless goals in life only this time with no direction at all, Same everything.... How is anything happy? Just... Continue Reading →

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