Nothing days

Somedays you go blank Somedays you are empty Somedays you walk soulless Somedays you live lifeless All of those days live, As long as you just alive... And not live.



One year passed ... Same feelings for someone, even stronger if possible... Same unbearable sacrifice only this time forever, Same sadness without that one person in your life, Same chaos between friendship even deeper now, Same aimless goals in life only this time with no direction at all, Same everything.... How is anything happy? Just... Continue Reading →

Friending Her- Part 1

We all have several labels for friendships- best friend, good friend, close friend etc. but you can't put labels on some people, my friendship with her is without one. There are a million ways to start a story, but not her story. I was sitting there, right in the middle of the class, when someone... Continue Reading →

Broken Glass

Some people are like broken pieces of glass. You touch them, they prick you. Your sweep them, they remain in corners. You avoid them, they hurt you. But they can never be forgotten. Instead you praise it more, and remember it's essence. I would rather be the broken glass.... Than the showpiece lying unattended.

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