Broken Glass

Some people are like broken pieces of glass. You touch them, they prick you. Your sweep them, they remain in corners. You avoid them, they hurt you. But they can never be forgotten. Instead you praise it more, and remember it's essence. I would rather be the broken glass.... Than the showpiece lying unattended.



Someday you realize all promises are fake, and then you never dare to make a promise again...


The broken friendships...  The hidden secrets... The scared trust...  The vacant promises...  The long made up tales...  The twinkling lies...  And still what hurts the most is, One goodbye.

Say no to fed perspectives

“Appa, I am going to be at the protest tomorrow which will be held  at college, about the JNU issue. I might break my other leg before I come back home, if the wrong people show up,” I said jokingly to my father, three days after I broke my left ankle. “JNU? This whole Afzal... Continue Reading →

Just some things 

Somethings are not meant to be understood, by you or by anyone else. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking, because we no longer have any solution. Some days are best to lose yourself in the flow,  rather than restricting yourself with boundaries...and the next day it's better to forget everything and go along with... Continue Reading →

Dingo and Khanna mashup

  Having shitty hands, and messing up things together, Dingo and Khanna have given us new goals of friendship. Being referred by the male part of their names, these two define women friendships in a complete non "traditional" way.  They are not those girls walking hand in hand sharing secrets about themselves and giggling while... Continue Reading →

Disillusioned Thinking 

*Same experience, with additional thoughts.  A great story, according to me, is the kind of story, which should destroy the readers mind by the end of the story. A novel whose cover displays a small boy with his hands in his pockets, walking away unhappily, is a novel, which will be about the disappointments and... Continue Reading →


My eyebrows rose the first time I heard the movie's title "unIndian." This Australian romantic comedy film was directed by Anupam Sharma in 2015, starring Tannishtha Chattherjee and Brett Lee. The film is about a lady Meera, who is beautiful, dark and divorced; the Indian aunties would hit their forehead hearing the "divorce" word, just... Continue Reading →

​In the sacred hills

Last year in October, my grandma accompanied by my father and relatives, went to Tirupati. After standing eight hours in the line throughout the night they were told that the temple had been closed, and they could only go for darshan in the temple after some more hours. There is a general line and a... Continue Reading →

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