Unrecognized – 1

Camera, poses and all those bright lights,
Produce your pictures with your shape perfectly sized;
My dreams like yours also have heights,
But unlike you, I am still unrecognized.

You rose to stardom and have fans tons,
And all I do is like all your pictures once;
You didn’t have the capability but rose everyday like those morning dews,
And I? What was ‘I’ in comparison to you?
While you got the praises and grew
I only got the stones they threw

What you got was my fate you snatched away;
It wasn’t something you deserved,
But you shine happily while I suffer everyday.
You smuggled my happiness and my dreams,
But do not feel happy, this is not the end;
For when I rise I will hear your screams,
Your soul will then break apart, like mine did,
And you helpless soul will never be able to mend.

I wait for that day my dear,
When you will watch my pictures perfectly sized;
You will understand how painful it is to tear,
Then unlike me, you poor soul will become unrecognized.


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