Not so public yet public

Crossing the busy streets iced up by cars, waiting for traffic signals to change it’s colour in a blink of your eye and the disgusting looks that the bikers give you when you come infront of their bikes- are the daily problems of the pedestrians.Yet another major problem we tend to not speak about or rather think as nonexistent even when the foul smell of it sweeps inside your nose like that of an over fried onion and garlic paste is that smell you will find all over the Indian walls – piss. 

No matter how you would selectively opt for not speaking on this very ‘not so public’ topic, you do that each other day right? After all its your duty to exercise the freedom of expression, who cares even if it means to piss on a wall that has been painted with big black ‘yahan pe peshab karna mana hai or you can’t urinate here’sign.

Now obviously every other time you find another male doing it, you feel like doing it. After all it doesn’t really matter if their is a female passing by who already knows what you are upto,even from a distant sight because she knows from experience that ultimately she is the one who will either have to cover her face with the ‘pallu’  or change her direction of walking.

But that’s okay and you feel no remorse about it because it’s you ‘janam sidh adhikar or birthright’and after all isn’t it really foolish to go to a public toilet when you can just park your bike and do it anywhere? Why not do something you have seen others of your kind doing for your whole life?

So it’s okay the next time you feel like doing it, just do it. But, don’t title yourself as gentleman. Don’t be offended by what I say, it’s just that our parents teach us in our childhood how to use toilets instead of just doing it anywhere- its a part of growing up and a part of having societal manners.

After all animals shit and pee in the open, they aren’t taught to use a washroom.





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