Dear Coffee


My beloved all nighter friend,

Since I meet you twice or thrice a day, it’s no point of asking how are you. I know you are always creamy, brownish and sweetish; a black shade of you is what I hate about you (no I am not being racist). So since you have cleared my mind of all evil, dreamy and unwanted thoughts always, I thought of thanking you through my writing.

You have been such a sweet friend, sometimes one spoon sweet and sometimes ‘diabetes alert’ very sweet. You are my starter for the day, my waking up tonic and  keeping my nerves calm medicine.

As long as you are with me, I never have to worry if I am watching movies late night, or chatting uselessly till 3 a.m. You make sure I am awake and I behave humanly the next day.

A big thanks goes to you, because of you I have passed many of my tests and studied an entire year’s syllabus in one day.Of course assignments without you, don’t get me an A+. I always knew my brain and you would make a great match.

My mood swings would have led me to beat up four to five people a day, but thanks to you, you control that too. Also, you understand me perfectly when I am depressed. Unlike others you don’t give stupid suggestions, when I drench my tears out drinking you.

One thing that you didn’t do correctly was making me addicted to you. Now I feel I can stay without water but not without you.My fever refuses to leave me, until I drink you,even my nerves stop responding when I don’t see you.

You are so much into my system now that someday surely their will be coffee pouring out of my cut, instead of blood.


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