My blog-My companion

One of the first reasons I created a Blog, was to say things in  which my voice couldn’t reveal my feelings and couldn’t express the intensity of my opinions. As someone correctly puts it, words speak greater than speech; Hence, my word-press blog is a sheer  reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.

I want my readers to get to know me through my blog. There are no specific topics  which I would choose to write on, but  I feel that there is a topic I want to voice my opinion on, I would definitely do so through my writing on this blog.

Stories are our world, we are all formed of stories, and we live in each other’s stories.So, the main thing I would be doing in this blog,is presenting different stories, of different people. Even the simple events of someone elses life, might be an interesting story for others to read.

Sometimes my words and feelings join together and come out in form of poetry, it’s the best way of expressing oneself. Hence,  I might surprise my readers through poetry once in a while.

Our minds have different shades and sometimes in a certain frame of mind, we feel like writing. Sometimes what I might write in my blog, may not mean anything or may not be of any relevance, but I may still write somethings just out of love for words. Those blog post will  be a part of my mind state at a particular time, which when I go back and read after sometime, point out to me the kind of person I was then.

I do not have big goals to achieve through my blog, but as every other blog writer I too would like to have a big readership, people who wouldn’t just be my friends but unknown people who would judge my work( good or bad) fairly.

In the next five years the only thing I want my blog to have established is the 3S- Stable readership, Sensible writing and Subtle opinions voiced through my blog.So this blog will be my companion throughout my journey in writing. Happy reading!


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