The extinction of SaReGaMaPaDhaNiSi

Something which is nothing but a bunch of meaninglessly paired words, tons of slang words and unnecessary rhythm-this is becoming the trend of popular ‘Hindi’ songs nowadays.  Among all the craziness for fast and loud songs, the taste of pure classical music is some where going into extinction.

How many Indians listen to classical songs? How many of us take forward the tradition of classical music, by learning it? How many of us who learn it, pursue it further or spread our knowledge to others?

While I myself have been learning Hindustani classical music since I was six, I never felt any attachment towards it. I learnt it, because I was told to do so.The importance of learning the music, feeling it and practicing it with full sincerity didn’t occur to me, until recently.

Singing is a gift of god, not everyone can sing. Of course you can be a bathroom singer or sing casually. But when it comes to learning music, you need to be talented to feel the essence of it. While there are many youngsters who learn classical music, but most leave their training in between because it’s boring and it requires laborious rewas (practice) .

I agree, it is not easy nowadays to keep up with the demands of learning classical. But it is not impossible too. A little of our everyday lives is required to keep the great heritage of classical music alive in India. After all it is one of the specialties we Indians have.

Some people blame the west culture for this, but I know numerous Indians, who are abroad but still rooted to their motherland. Many people have carried their love for Harmonium and Sitar overseas and sung classical songs for an audience that doesn’t  consist only Indians, but people from varied countries. Many of the Indian classical singers frequently conduct their shows in abroad, don’t they? They do have a large fan following, because there are people who understand the value of such rich music.

If a popular rock band comes to your city, you will fight and jump and dance and do anything, until and unless the entry tickets are in your hand. While when you see  a classical singer singing your first reaction is BORING!Why? Just try once, you might actually enjoy some of the Raga’s. Plus, these Raga’s actually make sense and are very soothing to hear.

There are so many songs available nowadays, sometimes it’s more about listening to the latest hit than about what you like. It’s cool to be updated with whats new and listening to things that are in trend.However sometime could also be given to something that has stayed in your culture always right? Platforms like Coke Studio, have given a complete new look to what can be classical music, and don’t deny those songs are awesome to hear. You may not have realized, many of the movie songs are based on classical music.

Many people are there who love listening to various Raga’s, but those are exceptions and they set a great example for you. Lets not let something get wiped out completely, lets just accept the classical music the way it is and feel the essence of it.




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