What are you looking at?

wwi_650_122413114253Dear men stuck in traffic,

It’s been two months since I am riding scooty, and I have never been more aware of me being a ‘female’ than recently. If you think I am about to write a list of complains about the traffic police not able to guide the traffic, young boys riding bikes without helmet and autos not worrying about red lights; then your wrong. I just want to question you- what were you looking at?

What’s so abnormal about me or any other girl who is riding scooty;  you stare her top to bottom, until she curses herself of buying the scooty in the first place. God forbid if she is riding a bike by any chance. Oh my god! How could you girl? Don’t you know bikes and boys have an eternal relationship! It’s not made for you, like the toy car wasn’t made for you to play in your childhood.

While I swish past the air, the kurti that I am wearing, moves a little ; a little bit of my leggings show. It a big deal right!  Your shirt also shows your chest more than required, sometimes you pants shows what it shouldn’t ,but it’s natural for you.Don’t you know leggings are made and worn to draw attention. You should know these things, specially when a magazine has printed a whole article on this.

It is easier for you to come and hit my scooty from behind. But be careful , it’s a saying-only cowards attack from behind. Of course if I do the same, I am just a female who doesn’t know how to ride a scooty, even if it’s you who breaks the traffic rules and it’s you who takes the bikes from the pavements. If people are walking there let them shift or jump on the car loaded roads. Let them die, let anything happen to them, but you should keep riding your bikes, making unnecessary noises, because those noises make you look cool. What a fool I am, that I don’t find these tricks of yours attractive.

If both of us are stuck in traffic, you should keep honking.  I am a fool, I must be standing there purposefully because I am too scared to move through the traffic; but you of course are a hero. If you would be stuck in my place,  you would fly to your house like a superhero, even if you don’t have place to move forward, you will make space. I am sorry I am not as smart as you.

If I tell you to stop  honking you will smile, and smile and laugh at my stupidity. How dare I say that.Once I told you,”udke jayega kya?” when you were continuously honking for 10 min in a traffic both you and me were stuck in. You very efficiently replied, while staring at my chest with a nasty smile, “Ye India hai, yahan bina awaz kare kuch nai hota.”Along with you, many like you laugh.Claps for you. You not only ensured that I shut my mouth then, but you ensured whenever I open my mouth next, I remember the lesson you taught me.

By chance if I ever forget covering my face with dupatta, you will stare and stare and stare. You will make sure next time, I never forget to step out without a dupatta, not even in my dreams.

Do you have a problem with me? Do you have a problem with my dressing? Do you have a problem that I ride a scooty/bike? or Do you have a problem with me being a female and sharing equal space with you during travel?

But I am sorry tomorrow again I will be on my scooty, sharing the same road with you. You won’t give up staring right, even I won’t give up asking the same thing again and again, every day-What are you looking at men?



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