Red, blue,yellow,white,pink…and the list goes on.In the Lalbagh flower show you would find all your favorite color flowers. All the flowers are clustered together giving a look of an infinite rainbow. The best part of this rainbow is that it does not vanish with the rains, it blossoms more after the rain.


How wonderful would it be if Chandeliers were made of flowers? Lovely and bright flowers. These hanging flowers added the Chandelier effect to the flower show.It was fun giving the flower basket a push, the fragrance would swing to and fro.


Flowers can beautify anything, even a solar panel. The roses and the small bunch of pink, white and red flowers made the boring steelish looking solar panel into something really pretty and stylish.I think more of us would start putting solar panels at our house if they looked something like this.



Slightish wind blowing spreads the essence of flowers all around. The aroma that fills the air is magical and hard to breath all in. The best combination with flower would be of the windmill. Wouldn’t it be wonderful. While achieving the goals of sustainable developmental we would also be able to live a flower aroma filled life.


Everywhere flower

What if instead of our pollution filled life there were flowers everywhere? Pollution of flowers if one form of pollution we would all want. Gardens,roads,lakes,air, your garbage bin…everything filled with flowers. What a scentful world would we be living in then, isn’t it.

IMG_20160813_103303 (1).jpg
Dream Flowerliament

Flowers have amazing power of making you calm.Every heated discussion would turn into love filled polite remarks if their were so many flowers emitting their sweet fragrance. The aroma likely would stop people from jumping around and taking actually decisions. What a lovely and efficient Flowerliament would we have then.




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