Me without Hindi!!!

There are always two types of languages: one that you write in and the other one that you think in. For me the former was English and the latter was Hindi. Speaking in English was always an option for me,  wherever I traveled i had friends who shared my habit of speaking in Hindi. When i came to Bangalore i was super excited about going to a big city after a long time and about my college life and about friends, but life has disappointments set up for you.

It took me one month to get over the fact that most people don’t know Hindi in college. Somehow at that point I didn’t know how a girl like me who chatters constantly in Hindi every time and to everyone, was to survive in such a place.

There were a few of my friends who knew few words of Hindi, to cheer me up when they tried speaking in Hindi…it was Hinglish. Few picked up Hindi from Bollywood masaledar action films, their Hindi is what me and my Hindi speaking friends would call ‘tapori Hindi.’ Lastly their were people who mixed all sorts of genders, there is no difference in their ki or ka and their karti and karta, which made their Hindi sound really cute; “tum kya khati hai” and “tumko kahan se jati hai” are my favorite lines from the cute Hindi speaking people.

The first time I realised how important Hindi was for me, before this i never even realised that i think in Hindi, i talk in Hindi and probably even breath in Hindi( this one is too much, just going with the flow). However for such circumstances and to bridge such gaps of communication we have English.

I slowly got over my depression of not having Hindi speaking friends and got comfortable with those who spoke only English, not even a drop of Hindi. I guess that’s the part of friendship I had been overlooking, friendship is not defined by languages but the people who understand you irrespective of what language you speak in. Like me, there were my friends who were used to speaking only Malayalam, but they adapted with me and i with them. Of course i still have the Hindi tone with me even when i speak English sometimes like, “no na yaar.”

I do miss speaking in Hindi always, sometimes I just catch hold of my friends who know Hindi and start talking randomly about things, so that the Hindi soul inside me is satisfied.





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  1. I can understand your feeling even I am a writer or a poet and my base language is हिंदी but nowadays I can’t found that much intrest of people in hindi language which hurts alot and hats off to you that you are doing a very good job as a hindi blogger… Because as we belongs to hindustan so we should say like “हिंदी हैं हम”

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