Glass screen

We meet everyday, at all times…yet we end up speaking only through the keypad on that  glass screen. We say Hi everytime but don’t have anything more to say…yet when we use that glass screen we have tons to speak about. My fears and your likes, your favorite food and my weight loss, your insomnia and my coffee and a lot many other topics which we somehow find to keep talking. Is that glass screen a barrier or a method to convey our “too shy” to be expressed feelings?

When we meet in real, our facial expressions are limited to awkward smiles and that “I don’t know what to say” expression, yet while typing on that glass screen we have tons of emotions to convey,  is that how we are with everyone or is it just you and me? Is it because you are scared to speak up in real or is it because its easier when it’s digital?

We are formal to each other when we meet, but somehow all “formalness” vanishes behind that screen.Face to face, we are polite and sober to those people we hate, through that glass screen we burst with our hatred towards them.

Your assignments, my relationships, your social life, my rudeness,your likes,my eyes…and everything. We can just speak about anything and everything through that glass screen and what we can’t say is said through those smilies; face to face we are just you and me, with no words to speak.

I wonder how you and me would be without that glass screen.


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