With them

Some people have lots of happy memories and some people have more troubled memories than happy ones. Troubled memories are the ones which stay with you, overlapping almost all of your happy memories.

People tell you that whatever you have faced and have suffered, all those things will pass away and you will be fine. They tell you everything will be rosy and happy in the end. That’s the least thing to happen. You might hide whatever has happened and might have accepted it to be your fate, but those scars from past always stay with you.

Some things have bigger impact on your life…when such things happen, you can never get over them. You never will, because, its a part of you. Your memories… Bad or happy, they are yours…we never ever leave anything behind, we carry them with us, we make them better.. Or atleast try to.

Cutting yourself till your hand is red, swollen…swallowing all medicines you found in your house and lying down to die… Drinking till you no longer are able to lift the glass… You and me may have done a lot of such things in our past or many of us are still doing it now. These things in some form or other distract us from our real problems. But they are never going to solve our problems for sure. If anything, they are bound to make it worse for us.

There is help available, that’s what everyone tells you. Yes there is help and there will always be help available. But you will never call a fire brigade for help until and unless you realise there is fire…by the time you realise you are caught up in flames…and these flames eat you up, Damage you.

There is no other way of getting past your bad memories or experience, than accepting them, acknowledging them and moving on WITH THEM.



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