The fall…

I am a person who cannot walk without falling down atleast seven to eight times a day. Something is really wrong with my motor coordination because no matter even if I am walking down a smooth road, with no stones to trip over or no potholes to stumble on, I would probably get my leg’s tangled and fall (yes, that happens plenty of times to me.)

Recently during my exams, I was riding my scooty too fast to reach college on time. Meanwhile my friend kept calling constantly. I thought something happened to her, and I drove the scooty even faster (and cautiously *parents please note). I reached college in 15 minutes, instead of the usual 40 minutes. The parking lot was full, and i was scrounging for an empty place to park. Finally i found one, and i took my scooty there.I hurriedly parked the scooty and got down, and fell down!

Without putting the side stand down, I got off my scooty. So obviously…the fall. When I fell down i was wearing my jacket, my face was covered with the stole and also i was wearing the helmet. I didn’t want to remove any of those… i just didn’t want anyone to recognize me, i wanted to say abra ca dabra and vanish!!!

The worst part was, since it was exam time, so instead of the usual slightly empty stairs, the stairs in the parking lot were full of students, even the ground had an abnormal number of students. I felt like all of them were standing over there, and waiting to watch me fall.Falling down is a common phenomenon for me and usually I laugh it out as soon as I fall, but at that instance i wanted to disappear ASAP!!!

Somehow hurriedly, I took off my helmet, stole and jacket… and I ran all the way to the library where my friend was sitting. I shouted at her for calling me again and again, I told her it was her fault that i fell down. I told her that i got worried because of her constant calls and i forgot to put the side stand down while parking.When she heard my embarrassing story, she looked at me blankly and then she burst out laughing . I looked at her with the “i want to punch you badly” look and then burst out laughing too. My face which was first flushed with embarrassment, now turned red with laughter, as i laughed along with her on my stupidity.



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