The chicken leg piece master


When I was a child, I always had zero appetite, except for in one condition-if I saw a chicken leg piece. My little stomach would crave and yelp for a chicken leg piece, whenever there was Biryani made at home. In those moments I would rush to the dining table with my plate, ready to conquer the chicken leg piece. I would turn snobby, even if someone looked at that piece, it was mine, all mine! Even after my sister was born, there would be two leg pieces in the Biryani made at home, so that I wouldn’t have to try my ninja techniques on my sister to get that piece.

However, there was a sad twist in our love story (mine and my chicken leg piece), when I came to college. I noticed that, not even once in my one and a half year in college did I get a single leg piece in my Biryani. Traumatized I was, every time I ate Biryani and found no leg piece in it. Eventually I stopped eating Biryani from college, non violent means of revolt I call it.

Recently I decided to investigate the matter. Could my fate be so bad, that I won’t get even a single chicken leg piece since I joined college? Or were there others like me, who faced this injustice. For two to three days, I started spying on the man who puts  Biryani from the large pot in the plates of hungry students. I wanted to see, if there was a system of giving leg piece to students eating Biryani. Maybe he rewarded people with leg pieces, who were his regular Biryani customers or maybe he had some secret lottery system to give away the leg pieces.

I observed the man with my big eyes for two to three days; I might not have even observed my crush anytime like that, atleast not for so long. That’s how much I wanted to solve this leg piece mystery. On the first day I noticed, no one got a leg piece in their Biryani plates. I was so baffled, I told myself, “what if these people take out all the leg pieces for themselves or for the teachers and gave the students those ‘not so attractive’ looking chicken pieces.” Then I noticed teachers, who had no chicken leg piece in their Biryani plates. I became sure, that they kept the leg pieces for them to feast on.

However, over next two days my suspicions were proved wrong. Two things happened, which made my mood blue. One, I was upset about my hypothesis being proved wrong; two, I was heartbroken at what I saw the other two days. The man, pouring the Biryani in plates was laughing and giggling over something with another man who had his earphones plugged in. Completely looking somewhere else, he scooped a big chicken leg piece from that huge Biryani filled pot in a student’s plate…I ran away. I couldn’t tolerate seeing the leg piece being given away so easily. Something which I craved for, for almost two years, being given away so randomly, was this world so unjust?

He carelessly gave away the piece; I on the other hand was thinking about different ways in which he might be deciding the leg piece’s fate. He didn’t have a plan, no one ever has plans for chicken leg piece in a canteen, and what was I even thinking! I was very upset at his haphazard way of giving away the leg pieces; he should give away the leg pieces to the more sincere chicken leg piece fans like me. But then here this man was the chicken master, he was the one who poured chicken leg piece blessings on the Biryani plates of students. And yes, even after one and a half-year, I am still waiting for my blessing, the chicken leg piece, to be found in my Biryani. One day for sure, I shall be blessed. Fingers crossed!



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