Disclaimer: Any person who loves dogs i.e. most of you, should not be offended to read this. This in any way is not intended to hurt your feelings, or your dog’s feelings. This is only my way of expressing my fear, because my friends are too busy cuddling dogs; they don’t have time to listen (Also, I don’t hate dogs, I just don’t like them.)


Insects, birds, snakes, cockroach or any animal for that matter can’t freak me out, except for one-dog! If you tell me to pick up a cockroach by one of its leg and investigate its brown wings, I shall do it. If you tell me to do cobra dance infront of snakes, I shall do it (okay this might be slight exaggeration). But, if you tell me to cuddle that furry smelly animal, dog, I shall certainly not do it.

Most people say I might have dogophobia, because some dog might have bitten me in my childhood. I might have dogophobia, but not because of the biting, but because I can’t tolerate them; I won’t throw stones on them or scare them away with a stick, but I also wont feed them or look at them as a lover. Dog’s for me, are like that one friend in your group whom all your group members love, except for you, and you don’t even have a reason to not like them.

A friend of mine was sick so I went to see her. I tiptoed into the house, smelling if her dog was near. Her mom told me not to worry; the dog was fast asleep in the room next to hers. All my anxiety vanished. I happily went towards her room, but all my happiness went down the gutter. It wasn’t even seconds, or half a second that I put my finger on her door, the dog was already running towards me. I flung open the door, and I started running round and round, and the dog followed my circles. One more of those rounds and we would have completed the Indian marriage ritual. Wow, happily married, Ew!

So the dog wasn’t stopping, neither was I. I jumped on the bed, covered with blankets and the dog jumped on me. I was never so horrified of anything like that; I wasn’t even horrified so much when the lizard from the wall on top, fell on me. I pushed the dog with all my Horlicks strength, into the ground; I ran away and bolted the room. I stuck to the door, to listen to that dog. Honestly I stood there because, I wanted to make sure the dog was inside, dint want it to escape from some secret door and bite me. Also, I waited for my friend there, wondering why she wasn’t in her room.

Suddenly I heard some noise, a crying noise. After the crying became severe, it was evident that it wasn’t the dog crying. I shouted “Aunty please come here… fast, someone is crying.” She ran and came, unbolted the door, I stayed at one end of the house, fearing that the dog might try his long jump tricks on me as revenge.

Aunty screamed and then I just ran to see what happened. My friend’s nose was covered with blood. But how did she even come into the room, she wasn’t there when I was running around. Apparently she had been sleeping under those blankets on the bed, all that medicines made her fall into deep sleep, so when I was running around she had no clue. Now where the blood came from? When I jumped into the bed, my elbow hit her nose hard, and she woke up in pain. Did I break her nose, I don’t remember. What I do remember is that, since then whenever I went to someone’s house that had a dog, I made sure that dog was locked away…really far away from me because that’s the only solution to my dogophobia.


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  1. I love dogs, more than I love my real love..!! Lol 😛
    But, I completely understand and respect your feelings or fear towards this race. However; I would suggest that you start working on this. I had a friend who used to be like you, not a fan of the dog smell and fur and hair and all…. But today, she loves dogs more than I could. If you can, volunteer in some activities that helps rescue dogs, feed some strays and just see in their eyes for a minute. You will see how much they would love you.
    But, if you cant do that, that’s fine, but make sure you don’t hurt yourself or do any harm to others (hehe) because of your fear..!!

    BTW, nice scriptwriting skills you’ve got there..!

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    1. Haha I won’t hurt others, promise. Surely I would try to let go of my fear. Also great ideas, thank you.I think its the fear that helped me scripting it well. Thanks for All your suggestions. 🙂


  2. I am a huge dog lover, my dog is like my baby! I know that not everyone likes dogs, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Dogs can be a bit much when they are chasing you around, jumping on you and licking. I enjoyed reading this story 🙂

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  3. I’m also a huge dog lover, I will always have dogs, BUT I believe in training your dogs to the point where they would not be chasing you around in circles and jumping on you. Any adult, or for that matter, growing dog, should be in training or be having their training reinforced so that situation doesn’t happen. I strongly dislike jumpy dogs, pushy dogs, little dogs that have been allowed to get away with anything. In fact, I force those dogs to behave themselves around me. I would want someone like you to be able to come over to my house comfortably and know that my dogs would be under control. My cats, however, I can’t do a whole lot about them. Although even they are trained to the extent that cats can be.

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    1. You understand the situation well. As u said jumpy dogs make others uncomfortable and nobody should feel uncomfortable in our own house. Cats are kings pets..they do as they wish.. But m happy to know that you have trained your cats well too. Thanks for reading 🙂


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