Letter from earphone

Dear useless friend,

From a long time I have been facing constant acts of injustice from you, and hence I am compelled to write this letter today.  You think I have no emotions, and hence you don’t care about me at all.Yes I don’t have emotions…but you have. Let me remind you, I can live without you…but you can’t live without me.

Have you ever wondered that you would have died out of boredom in those long bus journeys you make to college, if I wasn’t there to accompany you?  You would have to listen to all those judgmental comments that Aunty’s make, you would have to listen to the sad breakup stories the newly formed teenagers are sharing and you would have to listen to those big comments on politics that those uncles are making. I doubt that you could survive any journey without me.

What would you have done in the washroom without me? Everyday you let the water flow from the tap and relax on the pot listening to music. So many hours you spend with me in the washroom, do you ever give a thought about it; how many of your friends will spend 24 hours with you?

The numerous times you plug me in your ears and increase the volume to full level…dance the way you can never dance in front of other people, which other friend can move that fast with your pace of mad dancing. I accompany you when you are crying; when you are laughing and also when you are giggling…listening to those old voice messages your girlfriend sent you.

I never demand anything from you, still you throw me away like a used tissue anywhere and everywhere you wish. You forget all my favours and start cursing me when I get tangled. Even I have mood swings, when I am in one of my off moods I get tangled. All you have to do is spare few seconds to untangle me carefully. What do you do instead? Act like you are applying some big complicated mathematical formula.

You show me off to your friends when you buy me, you are so proud of me then. The moment my left part stops working you throw me into the bin…all your affection for me vanishes. Spare a moment to acknowledge my presence in your life… or else I will make sure I stop working, no matter how many times you buy.

Your only 24/7 available friend



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