The writer’s block

V is lying down on his stomach; his half body is on the bed and other half bending down the bed. He slowly lets himself slip down…and goal! His head hits the ground. This was the exercise he had been doing since the past one hour, to make the neurons of his brain work. Of course neither science nor yoga speak about such exercises, this was just one of the brain exercises V had invented. Usually when he is out of idea’s and the editor is dancing on his head, reminding him of deadlines, he tries all these tricks, to make his brain work.

V writes short stories for one of those magazines which people read because they don’t like reading fat novels. Fat novels are good, but magazines are fast; nowadays most people only like those things which are fast. He thinks of characters to begin, then he thinks of lines to begin and then he thinks of deadlines to begin! Thinking of deadlines can give you that superhero power of writing, but right now even deadlines fail to make him think. He has five hours to go, and not a word typed out yet.

He goes to the place, where all the great and absurd ideas come in human minds. Washroom; it’s the only place which can give him his eureka moment! He sits on the pot with his laptop and concentrates. He concentrates hard, very hard, too hard putting pressure on his body. None of the idea’s come out, but something else surely does. He washes and comes out of the washroom with a sigh. At least his stomach is empty now, a heavy stomach blocks thoughts. One more hour has passed.

The boss calls. “V I hope you know the deadline is in four hours, you can’t expect us to give you special treatment just because you write good stories…” said the boss and hung’s up the phone. V hasn’t been submitting his stories on time since the last two months. He has been having that disease which makes writers go frustrated – the writer’s block. For those who don’t know what writer’s block is-it is the diesease which makes your ideas play hide and seek with you and you are unable to pen down a single word (consequence of the disease: you are unable to meet the deadlines and your editor kicks you out). However before, he just had to structure his ideas, at least he had ideas. This time he is willing to write but the writer’s block has affected his mind deeply.

He moves with his laptop to the balcony. Usually people keep armchairs in the drawing-room. However, V’s grandfather’s last wish was that V should keep his rocking armchair in the balcony. Throughout the rains and the scorching heat, the armchair would be in the same place his grandfather kept it four years back before he passed away.

V sat down on the armchair. He kept rocking the armchair; he shifted his positions of sitting. He folded one leg on top of another; after few seconds he kept one leg folded and the other one hanging from one of the arms of the chair. Then he sat down on the ground and the laptop was rocking on the chair. An idea was coming to his mind, he could write about his grandpa maybe. Just when he got energized about his idea, a bird shit fell on his grandpa’s chair…and his laptop.

He looked up, the bird was laughing at him. He shut the laptop hard; he had no word document to lose. If he had anything to lose that was his job…he has only three hours left.

Coffee always clears the mind. He went to the kitchen and put the water to boil in the microwave. He put some milk, sugar and the right amount of coffee powder in it. He is so used to making coffee now, that he can close his eyes and put the right proportions of ingredients in his coffee. He should open a coffee shop instead of dreading deadlines. Just when he took the first sip of his coffee, his neurons jumped around in excitement, idea!!! “I can write about the writer who wanted to open up a coffee shop!” he cried out excitedly. He was so excited that he didn’t notice where his coffee went…straight on his laptop keyboard. The laptop went blank, so did his mind. Two hours left.

He gave up and went back to his bed thinking “I am going to lose my job…this is the end, that’s it!” Soon he fell asleep in grief. He woke up to the sound of his alarm. There was a reminder message on his phone with the alarm which said, “I JUST HAVE TO SIGN ONE DOCUMENT TO CHUCK YOU OUT.” At first he thought the message appeared magically on his phone, after few seconds when he was actually awake he remembered his boss had made him put this reminder message. What would his boss do, since two month he had delayed all his submissions. Had the readers not liked his stories, he would have been thrown out long back.

One more idea came to him; he was determined to write this one no matter what happened. He rang the neighbor’s door and asked borrowed their laptop. He had one hour to go and he knew exactly what to write.

Next day the editor called him up. He said he was very happy, readers had liked V’s story and it was trending. Especially writers from everywhere loved his story, obviously his story was nostalgic for them, but none of them had ever thought about putting those experiences into words. V put his own story into the story; the story was titled “the writer’s block.”


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  1. It wont be a surprise for me if i could see ur written stories in some magazine. That time will come for sure and i would be the happiest person to read because you write so well


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