Laughter session

​It was a long day and my eyes were already drooping down. It was 4:00 p.m. when classes ended; all throughout the class I was irritated because I slept late the previous day. All I wanted to do was to go home and fall asleep. But I also had to attend a talk. I chose not to be lazy and attend the talk, after all I just had to sit and listen. 

I found A on my way and we went together for the talk. When we entered the hall where the talk was happening, we couldn’t spot any of our classmates. We went and sat in one corner. I was already bored, and A was busy helping with the arrangements. After a couple of minutes D entered the hall, I was happy that atleast someone else from class was also there. She came and sat next to me; both of us had the same pity expression for each other. 

Then V entered. I thought she went home, so I wasn’t expecting her to attend the talk. Still recovering from the trauma of her portfolio rejection, she entered with a sad smile. Four of us, were looking like dead meat, whereas all the juniors and seniors around us ‘looked’ engrossed in the talk. A was sleeping with his head down, D was solving rubik’s cube ( I can learn a whole psychology textbook but can never learn doing that), V was trying to look serious and  I was analyzing people.

V and D started giggling suddenly.  They were looking at someone, and trying to control their laughter. A man sitting next to D was falling asleep. His specs hid his closed eyes. But us, we were sitting right next to him and could clearly see his head tilting slowly as he went to sleep. For once I tried not to laugh, but then his head started drooping down again and suddenly when the speaker spoke loudly he woke up startled. For a minute he would look up and then again start dozing off, again wake up in a couple of minutes and again back to sleep. D couldn’t even laugh properly because she was sitting right next to him. But V was almost rolling with laughter; looking at her I also started laughing. 

This continued for the whole time. Few times V would look at me and say that it is wrong to laugh and I would agree…then we would go back to laughing when his head drooped down. At one moment, he was so deep into his sleep that his feet kicked the chair kept infront and all three- me, V and D just looked at each other and burst out laughing. That was the time when A finally woke up from his sleep and wondered why all three of us were going mad laughing.

I was really tired before, but all this laughing just vanished my tiredness. I know it was mean, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.


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