Writing in party

Either something has happened to my social skills or I have become people hater.I never thought I would ever take out my phone to write a blog, in a party. I love blogging, but this???

The boy sitting next to me is trying hard to flatter me with his cheesy lines. My friends are staring at me with suspicious eyes and thinking that I am probably texting my boyfriend (they don’t trust me when I say that I don’t have one), my friend who brought me to this party has given up on his attempts to drag me to the dance floor and I am too bored to join any of them for anything.

A cute guy sitting across smiles at me and I smile back, a boring smile. I have lost my interest in socializing. The guy who was trying to flirt, says excuse me and leaves. Excused! I wanted him to leave long back. As I smile all by myself at my triumph, I look up to the see if the cute guy is still there.

He is still there, busy on his phone. Maybe texting his girlfriend. I go back to writing. A few seconds later someone asks me, “do you mind if I sit here?” I look up, its the cute guy. Of course he can sit, I say. 

When we start talking, I ask him why didn’t he join his friends? He says he isn’t interested. I say, me too. 

As we talk more, both of us discover that both of us were writing blogs on our mobile all this while. I follow him and he follows me on WordPress. What was he writing I ask him. He shows me the poem he has written. I blushed the entire time I read the poem,it was about me. 

We decide to get out of the party and go to a nearby coffee place. Walking on the road bare feet with heels in my hand and talking about writing… probably my social skills aren’t that bad.


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