About Swollen arm and T

We all have that one friend who is very proud of your achievements but is always teasing you for doing well. T is that friend for me, he is my nearly best friend (bro friends is the term we both prefer). Ever since I have started writing blogs regularly he will tease me about writing blogs and he thinks even in my dreams I am blogging (well I am thinking of blog posts though). For a long time he has been telling me to write about him, about our friendship. Honestly there wasn’t anything different to write about. But today what he did deserves to be written down.

Yesterday I was sitting in the parking area. So many students sit there everyday and so many insects roam around. But this one particular insect, I don’t even know what it was exactly, decided to bite my arm. It looked like an ant, but had orange around its neck, and rest I didn’t have time to observe because you don’t really observe an insect when it bites you hard, you just toss it off your arm, that’ what I did too. Within few minutes my arm got swollen, that part where the insect bit. I just didn’t care about it much then.

But today morning, not only did my arm get swelled up more, it started paining really bad. On top of that I came to college on my scooty. So on those rough patches and the pot holes when scooty would jump; along with it the swelling would also jump (obviously not like ‘jump’ jump, but more like it’s trying to pop out of the skin). I can’t even describe how it feels to have a swelling which is both itching and paining at the same time, especially when you have exams to focus on but all you end up focussing on is that bulge on your hand.

Before exam, my classmate A forcefully gave me a hot water shake. All throughout my exam I was so thankful to her, my pain was lessened and I could finally focus on what to write instead of that stupid bulge. By the time exam got over the pain had vanished and I was feeling much better. Again big thanks to A.

So T and a couple of friends were waiting outside the exam hall for me. Before the exam, I didn’t talk to any of them properly, because of the pain. So one of them asked me what happened to me before exam. I showed them my hand, which was still swollen the same size as it was in the morning, it looked like one mountain or something.

T very happily came to hear what was I saying, and was full of enthusiasm. I don’t know what exactly happened to him, he got so over excited when I showed my arm (he is always excited), probably he was bored of  waiting and was excited that I came out of the exam hall. Just like a baby would break your specs if you showed it to them, he came and hit me hard right where the swelling was and he said, “oh what is it, it’s nothing.”

The moment he hit me, it felt like an electric shock. I just shouted at him and went away from there. I ran straight to the washroom and started crying. It was double the pain, I had in morning. After a couple of minutes when the pain was little less, I came out of the washroom. When I saw him later, at first I was angry but then eventually my anger subsided and I had to make faces to look like I was angry. That’s the thing with best friends, no matter whatever out of the world things they will do, you can’t stay angry with them.

He always wanted me to write about him, I also mentioned him in the title ( I never mention anyone in the title); today his wish has come true even though I am very sure this is not something he wanted me to write. But then, blogging is about writing what no one expects you to write.

*By the way, a friend gave this description for my swollen arm. He says “Your arms are like the KG slide, where you slide to happiness.” This is something I would never describe a swelling as, but then he is always someone who says such out of the box things.


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  1. I haven’t read this blog upto now and will read it tomorrow.
    What made me comment on this is a question.
    the question is that, “Is it necessary to mention the names of your friends with the starting letters of their names ?”
    I mean I should not interfere with any privacy factor but just a little curiosity, you know. heee heee

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    1. Its absolutely fine to ask this. Lot of people have asked me this. Somehow I feel that naming them would be shaping my story into something which is totally mine. I want to leave it as letters so that the readers can read the story and imagine the characters as their own. If you noticed I don’t describe physical features of the characters too. That’s because I want to leave it up to you, how you see ‘T’ as..so that you can link with the story better

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