Sibling worries

“You can remember the names of all your clerks in office but you can’t remember your own daughter’s names?” asked my sister today.  This was something I wanted to ask my father from a really long time. How is it that he gets confused with the names he has been saying for years now? I mean, I shift places and meet so many people and manage to remember almost 90% of their names…how is it that he gets confused between just two names?

I didn’t really care about this and neither tried to correct him when he interchanged mine and my sister’s name, because I had grown used to it. My sister is adamant about such things, she doesn’t let go especially if people mess with her name. For a long time she used to correct him, if he called her by my name and eventually she also realised it was wise to give up.

Our names were decided by him. He wanted my sister to have a similar name as mine, because “matching.” I think most siblings have similar names, and that is one of the worst parts of having a sibling with a similar name. You have to keep explaining people; no look she is “MI” and I am “MM”…and people will be like, yeah you are “MI” and she is “MM.” All your efforts go down the drain!

Today he didn’t have an answer and what could he even answer. I am sure he will do this again and she will ask the same thing again.I will just react as if I have two names, peace! One thing that is conditioned in me and my sister now is that, either of us always answers no matter whoever’s name he calls out.



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  1. I was one of six siblings, plus my Dad’s younger sister lived with us. He mixed our names up so often that my aunt started wearing a name tag. Now I do it – confusing my kids names, my siblings, the dog. Just one of the endearing things about our inner circle.

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