Durga Puja – Saptami

This is something I had to write about, because what else is more important to a Bong (Bengali) other than Durga Puja. Saptami means the seventh day of Durga Puja.

Durga Puja is the pride of Bengal. Our ten days of Durga Puja is all we wait for, throughout the year. When those ten days arrive, we dress West Bengal as a bride. Its is believed that Durga Ma arrives through different modes every year. This year, it is believed that she arrived on boat i.e. through waters. How similar this religious belief is, to what the weather forecast says, that Bengal is going to face rains over the couple of days.



My exams are due in a week, and all I can concentrate is Durga Puja. I am a Bengali staying in Bangalore, but these 10 days are no less important to me than any other Bengali.The joy that i feel during these days is something else…something that can’t be defined.

Every year what changes is the different artistic ways in which the sculpture/murthi are made. This white sculpture, is made of ice-cream and has been brought from Geneva. I couldn’t even imagine that I would ever see such a thing ever. More importantly, it is not just a festival for us. It is a platform for such talented artists to showcase their talent.



I would be writing more, because I have more to write about. And I don’t think I will ever run out of things to write about Durga Puja. Also because we have three more days to enjoy, three more days to spend relishing this festive mood.


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