Durga Puja- Ashtami

Like I said before I would keep writing about Durga Puja, because the stories are endless. Ashtami is the eighth day of Durga Puja, which was yesterday. Today is Navami, ninth day. Reason I didn’t write yesterday was, because Ashtami is the most hectic day out of our ten days of Puja, I returned home at 1:00 am …and then I just fell asleep on my bed. Now lets talk about what happened the whole day…

Till morning 12:30 me and all my other family members didn’t eat anything (even the little ones). After doing the special Ashtami Anjali (puja), then we directly eat the bhog (prasad). To wait for Anjali we had to make a queue from 10:30. After the first batch finished doing their puja, we who were in the second batch were allowed inside the room. In the picture you can see the room is flooding with people…all of them standing for their turn. It’s a lot of chaos and pushing and stamping…but then that’s how it is, how else will hundred’s of people give their Anjali together in a small cramped place.


Me and my father were standing right behind my mother and little sister. Now my father isn’t a very religious person, he came there because he had too. So when the pundit (priest) began to chant the matras he began to repeat the mantras in a funny way, so while I was trying hard to concentrate on the mantra’s I couldn’t because he was making all sorts of funny noises. Their were two babies held in their mother’s arms, beside me. Now one of them had a Doremon shaped balloon. The other one wanted that balloon, so the one with the balloon kept moving his hand, and the balloon kept hitting my head. The baby with the balloon started pinching other baby’s cheek and poked his nose and I don’t know what else he was doing because half of my attention was on them, and half on the mantras.



So after finishing the puja, we all went out. Now to eat Bhog also we need coupon. So we went and entered the queue for coupon. After one and a half hour we got our coupons. Again we had to make a queue for Bhog, where we had to stand for one hour before our turn came. I got a little angry, because I was empty stomach since morning, then I looked around and I realized all of the people standing with me were empty stomach as well. My mother told me that eating Bhog after waiting (Hardwork) would be a different satisfaction. Few people were making another queue and entering before us (who were standing in the original queue). So people standing in our queue started fighting with those other queue people. Like everyone forgot they were empty and started shouting at each other until the manager came out and told the other queue people to join the original line. What is puja, without a little ruffle?



In the evening, various cultural programs are there. The shaothali dance (tribal dance) was there, where people from the shaothal tribe came and showcased their dance form in front of us. Their was dhunuchi dance competition (the picture below). And various other dances also. How did my day end? Like all other Bengali’s my day ended with food, lots of food. We had rolls, mouglai, Biriyani, puchka (golgappa)…and I really hope my stomach doesn’t get upset today, fingers crossed



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