Not writing

Initially I thought I would write everyday, just to let the thoughts flow out of my mind. I did manage to write everyday because I was in love with writing. Every time that I would see the wordpress app on my phone, that itch to write would come back again. Anything that happened throughout the day, I would want to pen those experiences down.

Sometimes if any funny, sad or angry moment occurred, the first thing that would come to mind was “I have to write this!” rather than actually being in the situation completely. I think that is what happens when you think about writing too much.

After a while, it was more about thinking, and less about enjoying writing. Whatever you do, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t enjoy it. Something which I started to let go of those thousands of thoughts bottled up in my mind, was actually burdening my mind more. So I decided to give myself a break from this burden.

I did not write anything for more than a week now. Not on wordpress, and not in my diary. My mind eventually became calmer. But now that its been a while, I miss writing. You can’t stop something you love to do.

Not writing feels like, being dead for a while. So now it’s time to rise up from my grave.

Do not continue doing anything that burdens you. Give yourself a break. If you love doing something, you would eventually return to doing it with a fresh and calmer mind.



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  1. Very true Nikita. Especially the part where you mentioned “After a while, it was more about thinking, and less about enjoying writing”. For writers, writing should never become a chore. All the best for the return.

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  2. My difficulty is doing the actual writing–I do my three purging morning pages each day, and will do little exercises and things related to writing, but I have to look at myself hard and realize that I’ve done things peripheral to writing, but not actually writing my stories. And because I haven’t been doing actual writing, letting the thoughts flow on the page and get my stories out, my morning pages have become a chore because i want to write something else. But sometimes, I can at least get some ideas out of my mind (at least into a blog–that’s about the only writing i’ve done the past month), but they do jar something loose when I pay attention and look again. With a calmer mind, hopefully i can listen. It’s hard to get in and out of the zone enough to take a deep breath–but you’re right. Sometimes you need a break or nothing works right because you’re trying too hard. I have to remind myself of that.

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    1. True, it’s very hard to get into that “writing mood” once you have stopped writing. But that’s what, when it becomes a chore, more time is spent in thinking to complete the chore, rather than thinking about actual writing.
      Thanks for reading my blog, and taking out time to share your views πŸ™‚


  3. I fear this may be happening to me now that I have joined the NaNoWriMo this month. After 5 days of enjoying myself immensely, I have been at an impasse these last 3 days and am starting to worry more about word count than the story I want to tell. This method may not be for me! Thanks for the post.

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  4. That is a nice insight to your thoughts. It reflects the inner tribulations every writer truly feels. Would you mind checking my blog? It might be of interest to you.

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  5. Great post, Nikita!

    I have found a similar issue of “burdening my mind” with writing projects. If you are awake until 2:00am thinking about writing (which I do from time to time) it can end up being more negative than positive! Find that joy and write when you feel inspired but don’t get too consumed with daily production.

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  6. Hi
    Sometimes I find myself in your spot, where I don’t experience the moment but instead think of how I could write about the experience.
    It is good sometimes to step away from it all, and come back with a fresh mind.

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