Nayi Soch

For those who don’t know what does Nayi Soch means, it means new thinking. Advertisements always surprise me. Sometimes they will be so bad and unrelatable to the product they are endorsing that I look away with that yuck expression, but some portray such beautiful social messages that I can’t take my eyes away whenever they come on T.V. The advertisement Nayi Soch is the latter type of advertisement.

Just a brief about the advertisement. It talks about how these three players have their mother’s name written on their t-shirts, instead of the usual father’s name. And how it is important to acknowledge the mother’s contribution in their lives as much as they do it for their father’s.

This initiative by Star Plus must have made a lot of people wonder, why always the father’s name and not the mother’s name when we are identifying ourselves? I don’t think I have seen an advertisement like this, ever before where this type of question has being raised. Actually, isn’t it true? We are what we are because of both the parents. But when it comes to identifying oneself we do so only with the father’s name, and the mother remains Mrs so and so.

Advertisements play a huge role in creating a mindset, that is what ads are for- to build an image. So why not make more ads like this and make people realize what they have been doing wrong since so many years. Even though I don’t watch the serials of Star Plus, honestly I don’t like them a lot, but this ad just makes me want to give a big clap for them. Trust me, everytime this ad comes on the TV, the same question rewinds in my mind, why couldn’t everyone acknowledge their mothers as much or more than their fathers?

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  1. nice post…. and as regards para 3, perhaps the concept stemmed out of the inspecuries that existed with men during earlier days. afterall, unless tested through modern methods, fatherhood is an illusion while motherhood is a reality! but does it really matter – i mean the surname part? nowadays, even official application forms insist on mother’s things are changing

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    1. Nope it doesn’t. And yes things are changing….what does matter is acknowledging mothers role in life and doing away with this patriarchal ways. Things are changing and will change for good. Fingers crossed. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. Few companies give a social message with the advertisements of their prices which is really a good practice but there are very few people like you who acknowledge. I have seen that IDEA too comes with a social message with its advertisements.

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