Bad Bath day

You know if someone asked me to list top five annoying things that happen in life, my first answer would be NO WATER TO BATH WHEN YOU WANT TO! You can relate to me, if you are as lazy as me and bath PROPERLY only when you are in the mood to.

Some people take hours and hours to bathe daily, and I would just look at them and be like “you deserve an award.” If I had to spend hours and hours in the washroom, that would only be if firstly I had a bad stomach day and secondly if I had to listen to music without anybody disturbing me.

So today I decided to take like a Proper, really proper bath that would take all the patience of my life, and I was actually happy and excited, because all other days I get up so late that I barely have five minutes time to bath, or either I don’t have time at all (I do bath after coming back home, I am a clean person). So in the mornings when I don’t have time to bath, it’s like a perfume bath for me.

Okay, back to my story. So I was really happy that I finally had the patience to do this and I went into the washroom, singing happily and loudly (because like no one is at home, and that’s the time I get to be crazy). I happily turn on the shower and I closed my eyes and look up, to feel that cool water straight on my eyes. I kept looking up with closed eyes, and waiting and waiting…and waiting. Then I realised that…the water tank is empty. I am just sitting in the washroom wrapped up in my towel and I just feel so dumb, “WHY TODAY!!! LIKE THE ONE DAY I WAS ALL READY TO BE PATIENT.” I put my clothes on sadly and I get out of the washroom. Five minutes later I hear the sound of water, and I rush to my washroom. There was water pouring down from the shower, making the whole washroom floor wet. From where did so much water come now? I was just staring at the shower, “could anything worse happen.” I swear the water pouring down the shower looked like it was laughing at me.

I just switched the shower off, and came back and fell on my bed. That excited feeling of bathing comes up only once or twice in the month, for this month the feeling is over; let me wait for the next month now. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen again, fingers crossed.



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