Part of forgotten

When I see the  Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, for a moment I forget that they are no longer valid or legal to use. Because they have been a regular sight in the purses for as long as I have known what is money. Today I was hunting for the Rs500 & 1000 notes for my grandma in her room. 

I found some old Rs 10, Rs 2, Rs 100 etc notes and coins. It felt as if I time traveled back a few centuries.

They’re so old that even my grandma has forgotten how long ago she used them. I never knew these ever existed. I never thought that there could be some other form of Money than that of which I am acquainted with.

Every time something is changed, the things before become the past. There will be a bunch of people like me a couple of years later, that these notes exists.Now these notes of 500& 1000, like those old notes lying in my grandmaz closet, will be part of the forgotten. 


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  1. amazing how a country can just up and declare something ok one day and the next day, worthless. is it human nature to do so? for do we not, as humans, place worth on something one day, and the next toss it away as worthless? why do we do this?

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