Train journeys


Amidst the chaotic station loudspeakers,

I stand muzzled in my own

Web of thought,

Families teary-eyed,

Standing to see off

People they love,

My own grandmothers

Eyes full of tears of sadness,

Hawkers tempting people

By their loud voices

And rhyming lines,

Everyone trying to run

Ahead of others,

Mother’s clutching their child’s hand,

Tight enough for bad men

To stay away,

Angry begged shouting 

At some man,

Who jokes about

Offering him Rs 500,

Parents running to fetch

Comfortable seats for their children,

While mine are wondering at home

Whether I shall reach home safely 

And  get lost between stations,

In the train

As I fetch my own seat,

The girl next to me

Chatters nonstop 

And I wonder whether to shift

Or continue sitting in my place

With a fake smile,

The lush paddy fields outside

Pass away more quickly 

Than the seconds,

Passengers around me glare

At me,

Because who write in 

A moving train?

I want to tell them

People travelling in solitude,

Going to their family

But away from family,

People addicted to capture

Memories of their first travel

All alone,

People not worrying 

About other’s glares,

People like me

For whom writing 

Is their aid,

People like me

For whom penning down 

every moment,

Is as simultaneous 

As breathing.


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