Saying things

I am one of those people, who say things only after thinking about the consequences. But there is another part of mine, which says things just for the sake of letting those thoughts out of my mind. The latter is dangerous.

Sometimes I just confess things, and later repent saying those. Today while talking to M, I told her how I confessed to someone that I had feelings for him, without actually being sure about it. For me, to like someone is a sort of burden. So if I like someone, I tell him. Not really worrying about the answer or the consequences.

Sometimes this actually helps me get over that like or infatuation (if it is); I tell them and eventually get rid of those romantic feelings. Sometimes it is frustrating, when you get responses which are not very clear. M said that everyone should be like me, say it when you like someone. But I don’t really agree.

Say it, only when you are very sure about it. Not like me, who just says it to get things out of her mind. Because what I have realized is that your answers don’t really affect you, as much as they do to the people around you. Whatever you say is influencing a couple of others in your life, and when you say something you can’t take it back. So better be careful about what you say, to whom you say and whether it is going to affect anyone else or not.

I have been in situations, where I have confessed something or said something which has deeply hurt someone else. Maybe the state of my mind was such that I said couple of things in anger or frustration, but which I otherwise don’t really mean. Things like that can’t be undone, and that’s the disadvantage we humans have. On one side where we have the power of speech, that power is our biggest enemy too because it’s the sharpest weapon to hurt someone.


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  1. I find that I’m like you in this post- I tend to say things to others without thinking, sometimes negative things.
    I truly love what you said at the end : “On one side where we have the power of speech, that power is our biggest enemy too because it’s the sharpest weapon to hurt someone.”
    You write so strong- glad I found you.

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