The cat in my house

M came to my house for the first time. She was a vegetarian and was feeling uncomfortable in the fishy atmosphere around the table. Her visit to my home was sudden, if we had known that she would arrive at the lunch time, we would have kept fish as far as we can from her.

Anyways she sat with us for lunch, but she moved her chair far from the sight of fish. She was hesitant to eat the roti we had, because she claimed that even her roti was filled with the smell of fish. I wondered if the fish’s smell evaporated through the roti.

She was so uncomfortable, that she wasn’t even sitting properly on her chair. She seemed to be using just one-fourth of the chair space. However, after constant perusal from us, she started eating.

M has very weak nerves. Whenever she experiences something startling, she just springs up from her chair. She was engrossed in trying to keep the fishy smell away. Suddenly a loud sound came from outside “meow.” M  was so startled she almost fell down and she threw her roti up in the air.

My father came in from the door, shouting “meow.” M looked at him, and kept looking at him. Half in tears, half in anger. We all started laughing so much, and eventually M also got into the happy mood.


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