New Year resolutions

The thing which excites me most about a New Year is the New Year resolutions which people claim to carry out with full dedication in the following year. It feels as if the New Year is going to bring some magical abilities in us, and will help us in fulfilling all the grand resolutions we list. The truth is that, more time goes in speculating what our resolutions would be, than actually fulfilling them.

The long list stays put for days…then hours…and then vanishes somewhere amongst our busy lives. All that enthusiasm is reduced to nothing but fake promises which one makes to the self. Honestly, I believe you can fake your promises to anyone in the world, but yourself. Promises and commitments for the self are not meant to be broke, because if you cannot be truthful to your own self, you can hardly be dedicated to the promises you make to someone else.

New Year resolutions should be realistic, not something you know you will never work hard for. It should be something which you need to make your life awesome. Resolutions should be more of an everyday thing, because each day of your life counts, not just that 1 January in which you promise to do loads of things in life.

Nevertheless, a New Year always brings new hopes to repair our lives and rekindle the faith to do better things in life. Wish you a very bright and happy New Year. May blessings and loads of smiles be flooded in your lives. 


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