Revisiting my work

A couple of months back when I was talking to V, I told him that I don’t like going through my work again.He told me that he found very less errors in my writing and that was a good thing, but it’s only through editing that I would get better with my work.

Today in my class our teacher told us that she wants us to “stay with our work for some time,” before we actually post or publish a final draft. It was then that I got reminded of my conversation with V.

I realized both of them meant the same thing, ‘to invest more time into our work.’ If you are someone like me, you would write something in the enthusiasm of that moment, and never care to look at it again. Yes, that’s what I do or I did. When I feel something I say it;ever since I have found writing as another means of talking, I write whatever I feel at that particular moment.

The one thing about writing that I never liked, was editing my work. It is funny that I like writing, but I hate the most important part of writing which is editing.

Somewhere in December we had a poetry workshop in class. The professor told us that some people believe, poetry is something written because of the outburst of emotions or it is something to be written in the moment…but that is not how ‘good’ poetry is produced. He told us that great poetry comes from the efforts put in perfecting it i.e. editing it.

Doing a Journalism course, there is no means by which you can escape editing; if you are willing to put your portfolio on stake then you can escape it, if you want to pass a semester then no. That’s how I began to “respect” editing.

Something which I might have written after spending hours, I would find thousands of mistakes in it. Sometimes the mistakes would be so bad that I wouldn’t even know whether to laugh or cry at them.

However, this whole process of editing has taught me to be conscious of my writing, to not be over-confident at even one line. Honestly, sometimes even after editing my work four or five times, I can find a bunch of new mistakes which I overlooked in the previous five editing processes. But it only makes the piece better.

I still hate editing. I can never love it, but now I have learnt to live with it.





4 thoughts on “Revisiting my work

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  1. sometimes when i write something, when i think i am done, i put it away for a bit (hours or days even) and come back to it and then start my editing. i do the same with my photos too, sometimes.

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  2. I totally feel you! i do the same, i write what i’m feeling at the moment then i post it, that’s it, although i might be a bit worse since i don’t edit much. But i do like to come back to my older texts, so i can feel what i felt while writing it, Nice blog!

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