Maybe O+

You are absolutely ridiculed if you are 19 years old and don’t know your blood group. When you go to school for the first time, your parents make you memorize tons of “essential” things- mother’s name and phone number, father’s name and phone number, your building number, the street number, places where your parents work and tons of other things. One of the things they also tell you is your blood group.

So, my parents taught me that my blood group is B+, because that is what the doctors told them when I was born. All throughout my childhood, in various ID cards or forms, whenever they asked me about my blood group, I said B+. My parents told me and I believed, the doctors told my parents and they believed. Now nobody really goes beyond a doctor’s word, to validate his statements; especially not when something like blood group is concerned.

In 9th grade we had a health check up camp setup, which also included checking our blood groups. We were given a form before going for the check up in which we had to fill our essential detail, including blood group. So I wrote what I had been taught since childhood, B+. When the doctor tested my blood sample, she told me “your blood group is not B+, it is O+.”

Before I could even speculate what was actually going on, all my classmates started making up various theories maybe they got you exchanged with some other baby, maybe you are sick and something happened to your blood composition, maybe they adopted you and they didn’t know what your blood group is etc. and etc. If I was blogging then, I would have pretty interesting theories to write about.

My best friend told me not to worry, and go get another blood test done. She told me that same thing happened to one of her cousin’s. The cousin’s parents were told a different blood group by the doctor, when she went for a surgery, it was then that they found out the actual blood group.

It was always a “maybe B+ or O+” situation for me. Somehow after that I didn’t get a blood test done; I was always confused about whether to write 0+ or B+, until six years later, today when I went to donate blood for the first time. Obviously the first thing they ask is what is your blood group? I said, “Maybe 0+.”

The doctors check for your blood group anyways before you go for donation. So they tested for mine, and the doctor looked at me. I could hear my heartbeat beating faster, as if it was a very big moment of my life. Obviously it was because I would get an answer which I had always doubted on. I just stared at the doctor anxiously, until and unless she told me my blood group. She smeared the blood on the glass, observed something and said “maybe you are correct, yes it is 0+.”

More than the fact that I had donated blood for the first time, I was more excited about getting the confirmation of my blood group. I went home and the first thing I told my parents was, “the ‘maybe’ doubt is gone, it’s 0+.”


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