Waking up before dawn


I am not at all a morning person. You tell me to wake up till 4:00 a.m. I would happily do that without cribbing at all. You tell me to get up at 4:00 a.m. I would strangle you right away (at least in my head). It takes 14-15 alarms continuously ringing for one and a half hour, to wake me up on time; if there was an award for snoozing the alarms, I bet I would get that.

Yesterday I decided to get done with my laziness, for one day. My friends had planned a road trip, and more than the excitement of the road trip, much of my excitement was about getting up early.

I got up at 3:20 a.m. We were supposed to leave at 4:00 a.m

I was sleep walking, bumping into my room door, haphazardly changing my clothes, I even brushed my teeth without putting any toothpaste on it…only to realize that ten minutes later and a bunch of other lame things. I was literally cursing myself and all my friends. Why did we even make such a plan. 4:00 a.m for me is midnight, I am halfway through my sleep at that time otherwise. Anyways I managed to wake myself up completely and ride my scooty carefully. The cold winter winds helped.

The scooty ride was awesome and peaceful. No traffic, just smooth road and my scooty. For the first time I was riding my scooty without worrying about traffic light, pedestrians, traffic jams, potholes etc. I had never experienced such sense of freedom and joy before.


I thought the scooty ride was the best part of the trip. Only when we reached the mountain top did I realize that the best part is yet to come. 
I never understood why people would wake up early to watch a sunrise. Now that I have experienced it, I know that the first sight of sun just sets your day right. 
We climbed all the possible places from where we could experience the sunrise best. When the sky cracked and the sun rays split, we no longer moved or talked;such miracles are best experienced in silence. 
After the sunrise, we climbed this huge rock. We were like spiders climbing onto their webs, only that we had no strings to rely on. The enthusiasm to watch the sky even better and see the human establishments which looked so tiny as compared to the heights we were standing on, helped us in climbing the rock. 
More than everything I enjoyed myself being me. The best feeling  in the world is to feel happy from within and let yourself free….






21 thoughts on “Waking up before dawn

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  1. Hello Nikita
    The pix are of a place eerily similar to somewhere I used to visit in Africa: And a story I relate to- when you read it you may agree- “Sunrise on the Veldt” by Doris Lessing- who thereby links us together even more. Thank you

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  2. Undoubtedly pictures are amazing Nikita, but what I loved more was the way you described your struggle of the morning (though my sympathies are with not-the-morning-person). Best example to showcase yourself as not being a morning person was the scenerio of brushing teeth with no toothpaste on. 😀

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  3. Oh i am not a Morning Person either! Belive me! But when it comes to sunrises I am ok with waking up in the morning to see the wonderful rise of our beautiful sun! 🌞

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