Emotions are not meant to be stopped.What’s the most natural innate way of letting go of your emotions?For me, crying. I am going to be honest now, I stop myself from crying. Or maybe I should correct myself here and say, I did stop myself. But not anymore.

Once upon a time, like many of you out there, I just controlled my emotions. Anger, sadness etc. I thought crying was wrong, weak and made me a target. I didn’t want to be somebody’s target. I didn’t want to look weak.

Even when I was alone, I would tell myself not to cry, to strengthen myself. Emotions are nasty things. You might think you can get over something easily, but emotions are just not an easy code to decipher. If you think you can control your emotions, and in turn control yourself, then you are absolutely wrong. Your emotions are not a robot and you don’t have any remote to control them.

Crying is okay, its perfect normal. If you don’t want to cry in front of anybody else, cry alone; but cry. Don’t hold onto your feelings. That will only harm you. If shedding a little bit to those tears can make you feel alright, then why not.

Often when somebody else is in a problem we lend them our shoulder, we say it’s perfectly fine if you cry.Then what happens when it’s about you.Solving others problem is very easy, solving yours is mystery. Don’t try solving your problems alone, it’s a huge burden.Huge enough to break you down.

You don’t make your emotions, your emotions make you. The sooner you realize it, and accept it, then better for you.


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