I, me and myself

I remember reading somewhere that you should choose those people in your life who love you, not whom you love. But how can we segregate in real life? We all are so self-centered, we want everything for ourselves, we see everything as we picture it to be.

I really  liked somebody and expected him to do so. All my life I have been telling my other friends that it is not necessary that if you like somebody they will like you back. When it came to me, I modified this rule. See it’s always easier to give suggestions, but adhering to them is very difficult.

I helped my best friend in every possible ways I could. When I didn’t get the same from her, I got frustrated. I felt that she didn’t value my friendship, probably she doesn’t.

I have been constantly thinking, “why is this happening to me, I am being so nice to them so why do they not respond in the same way, why do such people come in my life….” My mind has been filled with thoughts, and I didn’t know how to flush those thoughts out.

How many times have I used the word “I” in this writing, many times. I can see “I” all over. Can you omit the “I” from your life? NO! To us, nothing is more important than ourselves. He did that to me, she did this to me, my life is ruined because of this etc. For everything that happens, we have someone else to blame for. But the real culprit is you, yourself.

How many times do you think about yourself? Probably all the time. I am not different at all. My day starts with thoughts about myself and ends with my own worries. That’s probably the human tendency, I me and myself.

Other people’s choices are just as important as yours. If for you, you are the most important person in this world and the world should revolve according to your whims and fancies, so is their life important to them.

People have a life of their own. They have their own choices, just like you have yours. You respect their choices, and that’s it. Don’t expect them to respect yours. Life can’t be a give and take relationship always. For you your choices should be correct. Love someone if you want to, like anybody, care for anyone and do whatever you want; but don’t expect the other person to do so.


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  1. I think in life we have to jump over hurdles of self centeredness and trade the “me, I, myself” attitudes for compassion and empathy. I have made selfish decisions as we all have, but the greatest battle I have ever had to overcome was making a difficult decision that would hurt myself in order to save someone else. It was a battle but in my heart I knew I could never make an ill willed decision regarding this person no matter how much I had to give up. The point I intend to convey, someone could be loving you/liking you with everything they have, sometimes we don’t see it because we expect to be given signs, known as clarifying signification​ in our own form of showing like or love. Essentially, we look for love to be returned in the same way we give it but love has never been that simple. Love comes in soo many capacities, we just have to take time to see, really see that which we all so desperately long for. Love and compassion from others.. When we finally see it, we open doors to love ourselves and others more. My opinion, no offending.

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    1. I am glad that you expressed your opinion. True we need to think about others feelings too. I have been in same situations myself where I have had to make decision which killed me from within, for sake of someone else. My point is, that was my decision whether to hurt someone or not. Somebody else might chose to hurt me. Whatever it is, choices are highly individualistic and have to be considered, whether we like it or not. Thank you so much for reading, and sharing your feelings about it 🙂

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