Masking your face

Every morning I am involuntarily woken up, and have to witness the same worry on my sister’s face “am I looking fine?” My yes is an assurance with which she confidently marches off to school.I am left in my bed with only this thought “why is it so important for her to spend such huge amount of time speculating her looks?”

Then I remember, that I was no different from this. Growing up was a huge struggle for me with my looks. Having specs just doubled my consciousness. It took me a long time, to tell myself that “beautiful is just a word, and it is more about how I feel about myself.”

I try telling the same to my sister, but it just doesn’t work. But I get it, I get that it is hard to not be conscious of your looks.When you are surrounded by friends who are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and fashion styles, I guess it’s inevitable to not fall in the trap of looking good.

I feel it is more about looking good for yourself, rather than looking good for somebody else. I know people who would look really beautiful without makeup,but their dosage of makeup keeps increasing day by day. So much so that sometimes it is difficult to even look at their face and ignore the fact that their skin tone of the face and neck is ocean apart.

People who spend hours on styling their hair, putting make up on and investing so much time on looking good to get that appreciation from others, why? Everyday in college I would have this question in my head .I have been having an urge to ask such people, “how do you manage to have so much of patience to do these things?”

I wouldn’t get up early in the morning, for putting makeup. Honestly, I won’t, specially not for anybody else. If I was living close-by college, I swear I would get up just 5 minutes before class begins.

Beauty products, don’t define your looks. No matter how many people say that looks add up to your confidence level, I disagree. They don’t, you decide what makes you confident. Maybe looks might get you social approval, but only from people who want to see everything beautiful. There are people in our lives who will accept every side of ours, and to them ‘you’ are important and not your looks.

What is this concept really? You look good, people appreciate you and love you. The day you don’t look good, they undermine and throw you out of their friends list? Is that what you want?

Why are such stupid concepts the basis of making friends-looking good, acting cool, saying swear words, going to parties etc. You can absolutely differ with me on this, because ultimately its about the choices you make.

If you think beauty is important, it is, I am not saying it’s not. But beauty should be more about how you feel about yourself, how you want yourself to be. If putting makeup makes you happy, then do it. Don’t do it because some xyz person said that you look better with makeup.

It is not even about boy or girl. Just because I said makeup, doesn’t mean I am talking only about girls.In generally, everyone, and I mean it EVERYONE, at the end of the day should be satisfied with themselves, with the kind of person they are with. If you look good for others and are admired in your peer group for that, but at the end of day you return home sad realizing you have no real friends at all, then what’s the point.

Masking your face with something you are not, will only lead you to doubt yourself.When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should be looking at yourself, the real YOU; not at someone who is a reflection of what others want her/him to be.




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