Bonding with sister

Earlier me and my sister used to talk about Doremon , eating chocolates and about homework at school. Today we talk about crushes, relationship and life! Till now I could feel the six and a half years of age gap between us, because there were things of my age which she couldn’t understand and as an elder sister I wanted to maintain that etiquette wall between us. Past one year, we have been having awkward conversations, and rarely had a real talk between us.

Today she asked me about my boyfriend, I said I didn’t have any. The amount of shock on her face, and the subsequent lectures that she gave me after that on boyfriends, made me realize that she had indeed grown up. She checked my crush’s Facebook profile, literally inspected him. Her first reaction was, “are you mad.” Then she asked me to give an explanation of why I liked my crush. I had none, I just said I did.

She told me that I should be more careful in picking my choices, because choices is what matters in life. Little by little she asked me all those questions, which being the elder one I should ask her. She read my chats with my crush, asked me few details about him, and this followed answering endless questions.At the end, she said she doesn’t like my crush, so I should find another one. Her final line was, “Di he is playing with your feelings, you should be matured enough to know that.”

Wow! I was amazed at the way she took these matters seriously.It is not that we were talking just about boyfriends, we talked about certain things which affected our lives. I never looked at life, the way she does.For me she was always this reckless little sister, but now she is someone I can open up my feelings to. She might be six and a half years younger than me, but today she taught me to look at life in a much more matured way. Earlier it was me teaching her. Now it is a two-way thing, we  both learn from each others mistakes, and point out things which the other person overlooked. This is just the beginning of the wonderful new bonding, which we shall create for forever.


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