Goodbye lethargic weeks

Sometimes there is just this weeks and weeks of impassiveness in you. You procrastinate everything in your life, apart for sleeping. Idleness is your new work.You know you have deadlines to meet up, exams to give and thousands of works to get done, but all you do is lazing around everyday. The next day is the same, you feel bad about lazing around, but you tend to repeat this monotonous cycle.

That’s the level of boredom which I have reached, where without doing anything I am getting bored, if I do anything I get bored. But then again, my lethargic routines has only resulted into me being more and more inert in everything. I literally haven’t done any work since weeks, other than answering whatsapp messages and picking calls. I even stopped talking to people properly, only when they approached me, I did.

I have been telling myself this everyday ‘something is very wrong with you.’ I am only completing work last-minute, there is no personal interest that I am taking into doing anything. Yesterday my dream was about rocks and rocks of deadlines falling on me, and me being crushed by them. Honestly, I never feared deadlines before; not even once, not even when the whole class was panicking about deadlines. I was regular with my work, and there was no need of fearing deadlines. But now, everything seems out of control.

This might sound nonsense, but I  do not like being lazy. I am done with my lethargic weeks and I am going to put my earlier routine back on track. Everything I do will be with 100% effort from my side, just like before. Goodbye lethargic weeks, hello life.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye lethargic weeks

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  1. Keep writing, I enjoy reading your post, it appears 2me Youve got a gift 2 write what is bothersome within yourself you clearly hve solutions 2 your greater self upon journeling! I admire ur brutal honesty shows genuine character in you! Definitely appears read by me that you got.. wisdom over challenges…keep writing on… I relate… Stephanie in Ca.


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