Bad Week

This week has been so pathetic for me that nothing else feels right anymore. Even now, when I am writing I delete my sentences some twenty times, just because I fear that something bad will come out of my writing.

I have never looked forward to a weekend so much, as I did this time. The only one fear which remains with me is, ‘is the next week going to be as bad as this one.’ Exhausted, that’s the only thing I can think about myself right now.

Everything has gone wrong this week.My best friend lying to me, serious family issues, my phone stopped working, everything from my laptop got erased, and when I thought today everything would be over because it’s the “week-end,” I found out that my laptop’s mouse disappeared and my keypad doesn’t function properly anymore.

For a person whose all assignments are dedicated to Ms word, think how much of a shock it would be for me, when I found out my MS Office also disappeared after my laptop came back from repair. Not just that, I have a deadline to meet very soon for two research papers. One of the research  papers I had completed three days back and the other one I had almost finished. I thought I would edit them over the weekend, but now both my paper’s also crashed along with my laptop. Now I have to start again, all over from the scratch.

The only good thing which happened was, I am still pretty much in my senses. One more thing, and this bomb which is tricking to explode, will burst out really badly. I literally hope this is the ”week-end.”


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