When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my whatsapp messages, check my mails, then check my facebook…. and on and on goes this hunting for something new on my phone. Everything happening on my phone can wait until I take a shower and have my breakfast. But instead of doing what I am supposed to do, I end up sticking to my phone for endless minutes.

That’s what technology does to us right? We cling to it like leeches. Practically we breathe, eat and sleep technology. That’s how much it means to us. Let’s be totally honest about it, ‘we’ without technology is something we can’t imagine. We are not just consumers of technology, in some sense technology consumes us.

We can’t do away with it, it’s our life now. Somehow it also knits us together. Would this whole WordPress family exist without it? Would you be able to communicate with your friends/family without it?

Somehow technology is like that annoying sibling, who irritates you the most but without whom you can’t imagine a life. A lot of times I am frustrated with my own inability to manage the time I spend on my phone or laptop, but the next second I see some interesting message, my frustration is taken over by my excitement to read the message.

We all know what technology is doing to us, but we blind ourselves to the damages it causes us. What we need is balancing our lives, to not lose ourselves in technology. So that our life just doesn’t become all about news feeds, Facebook posts, twitter messages or chatting. There is much life outside our screens, we just need to force ourselves to look out of our screens and acknowledge other things.


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  1. Totally agree about technology being like an annoying sibling! Sometimes, I really do have to shut my phone off, or put it in another room because it becomes such a distraction. In some ways, I wish we could go back to the days of the Moto Razr and T-mobile Sidekickโ€ฆ i.e. the days when the coolest thing your phone could do is flip open in a unique way.

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