Kicking things around

Some people just have this bad habit of bumping into things, hitting things and hurting themselves all the time. I have all the qualities to qualify as one of those people. I just don’t bump into things, I kick them ( unintentionally) as well.

Last year I went to visit my new born cousin. All unwanted baby toys which his little hands couldn’t hold, were lying down on the floor. I was heading towards him, very lovingly, admiring his cuteness. I was so excited to pick him up, that I was totally oblivious of those toys lying down.

I almost rushed, and bumped into an elephant toy on wheels, after which I stumbled and kicked few pieces from the doctor set on the wall and then I finally landed on to a teddy bear and a car. The teddy looked a little battered after that, but the car and rest of the toys were either fully destroyed or not in a condition for the baby to hold them anymore. Nothing happened to the baby, that’s the most important part.

Today I am reminded of this incident, because I almost did something very similar today. My mom has to attend a marriage, couple of days later. As she was trying her dresses and jewellery, I didn’t notice that the jewellery boxes were kept on the floor.

I walked, as I walk normally, without looking were am I actually walking. I stumbled onto one of the boxes, and an earing actually pierced slightly into my skin. The next thing  I knew was that I jumped with pain, and kicked the boxes, and all the jewellery boxes went flying. Along with it, all the jewellery pieces too.

Thankfully my mom was in the washroom that very moment. I tried gathering up all the jewelley pieces and quickly put them back into the boxes. I felt as if I was a ninja, moving my hands so fast, trying to put every piece back into the box.

I was successful enough to put everything back into the boxes, the only problem is that the jewellery pieces are all mixed up now. So saved, until my mom finds out my blunder.


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