Not writing again

Taking a break from writing never works, definitely not for me. I had scheduled myself to a routine, where I ended up writing for more than three times a week or on some blue days even more. 

In my life writing is synonymous to music. There are some rhythms or beats that just sticks to you and refuses to turn off that play button  in your mind; writing is like that music stuck to my mind which is un-detachable. You sort of get used to that music being a part of your life and keep replaying  it, but someday you just stop; again after several days suddenly the realisation dawns upon you that you have being ignoring those beats and you turn the music on again. 

That is exactly what  happens with me. Like I said before, taking a break from writing doesn’t work. Once you get over from that euphoria after writing,  bringing  it back in your life becomes difficult. Thereafter, you might write, but only for the sake of writing and not because you are interested  to write. 

From the past one month or more, I have been writing  because  of the commitments to fulfill my academic  requirements. There was no part which I loved writing. However, this was turning a monotonous thing, and I didn’t want that to happen. 

You can’t force yourself to write or even love what you write. What is important  is  for you to be satisfied  with your work. I decided to find something which I would like to write, a little differently, something  which is not a usual  writing style of mine.  So, the Iftar food stalls are put up every year in Bangalore. I have being going  to these stalls past two years and written about it too. This year I decided to go and write about it again.

I have a habit of writing about things, and not my experience of them. So, that’s what I changed this year. I didn’t write about the food.  I wrote about my overall  experience of being part of such a crowd. 

That engaged me in writing. I wasn’t writing merely because  I had deadlines, but because  I was interested  in writing  that. 

I guess that’s what we need, to get back to writing, a change. A new perspective of writing  something  out of your comfort zone  will lead you to be engaged  with what you write. Start fresh, can happen anytime. We just need to find the right thing that leads us into writing and grab the opportunity . 


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