From cutie boy to Mr. Perfectionist

I was three when I was playing in the Rock Garden in Delhi. Delhi from those memories of mine had more trees than flyovers, more birds than smoke and with roads which weren’t hidden by cars. I was swinging on those swings which were much bigger in size than I was, when a boy my age came to the empty swing next to me and kept looking at me. His face was round and he immediately reminded me of kaddu. So kaddu kept staring at me, and I wondered what he wanted. I stared back at kaddu for a while and I asked him, “kya?” He grinned at me, as if he was waiting for me to say this very word. Kaddu said, “Kya me bolun? Sun suna …aati kya khandala.” I didn’t know what gibberish thing he was saying, I spotted my mother and ran off. 

After a couple of days I was sitting curled up on my bed watching T.V. As I was switching the channels, I found something interesting and stopped on that channel. A man wearing leather jacket, leather gloves and a black cap was chasing a girl in white top in the rain. As the rain started pouring more, it suddenly started thundering and the song began where he stopped the girl and said “aye, kya bolti tu.” This girl who was getting annoyed at the man chasing her a couple of seconds ago, smiled back at him and said “kya me bolun.” I heard the song, and I realised what that Kaddu had being blabbering the other day.

That was my first encounter with Amir Khan, who had a very next door boy charisma in the movies in his early carrier. His first movie Qayamat Se Qayamat or QSQT as Amir Khan fan’s call it, started off with him playing the character of “Raj.” Playing a bollywood Romeo opposite Juhi Chawla in this film, he is chased by henchmen, he is about to be shot but saved, he commits murder and he is eternally united with his lover. That movie was box office hit, and also the movie which kicked him to stardom. QSQT was 1988 and in today’s 2017 also Amir Khan has been delivering bollywood blockbusters back to back. 

From Raj to Rancho or PK to Mahavir Singh, Amir Khan has set new trends for bollywood. However, the transition of this romantic Amir Khan to the perfectionist Amir Khan has not been sudden. Somehow the image of Munna wearing a colourful jacket and the same cap as seen in QSQT, is not comparable to the image of Bhuvan wearing white dhoti with a open muddy jacket exposing his well formed chest and a white band around his head. Neither can you compare Rancho doing a butt show with pk standing naked with a radio. 

Amir Khan hasn’t given us the space, where we can link his characters into having a similarity. Perhaps that’s why I and other fans out there have been craving for his next masterpiece. This individuality which he brings to his each character in his every film is what gives us a break from the regular romantic cliques. There is no predicting of what he will do next. Will he teach monks in the middle of a chilling Ladakh or will he have a pot belly and get up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to make athlete out of his kids? There are no definite answers when it comes to this Khan. Maybe even he enjoys it, his fans waiting clueless over what he is going to do next. 


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