Dingo and Khanna mashup


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Having shitty hands, and messing up things together, Dingo and Khanna have given us new goals of friendship. Being referred by the male part of their names, these two define women friendships in a complete non “traditional” way.  They are not those girls walking hand in hand sharing secrets about themselves and giggling while bitching about others. Dingo and Khanna are not trademarks of patriarchy, they are the complete non sanskari types, the one’s our Indian society bad mouths about.

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Khanna is that one person in office, who does all the work, but gets nothing more than being undermined by her boss. She takes reckless decisions, even though she isn’t the reckless one and even though most of the times she would put 100% dedication to her work, the outcome would always bring her back to zero.

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Dingo has clarity. She is the hero of all situations. Broke, pressurized by parents to marry good boy with good money, living with a horrible high pitched voice roommate, and not getting any job…but still non of this is enough to break Dingo and her chirpy spirit. She is clueless about the results, but ready to put the efforts. She is the friend all of us girls would dream to have.

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Individually they are on their own, commonish personalities; when put together Dingo and Khanna become the ultimate atom bomb. They are not girls who just have sleepovers and put on makeup, they have the capacity to flood an entire bathroom with shit. When together they not only create mess, they are the masters of mess then.

Somehow I believe all of us have bits and pieces of Dingo and Khanna inside us, that we are very fearful to show because we have created this barrier of society around us and don’t allow us, to be ourselves. Maybe that’s what Dingo and Khanna want to tell us, to just be who you are, and not be afraid to show it.

Every single character in this series is interesting and more than the character’s their names are more interesting. All these characters are the regular types of people you meet in everyday life. From the irritating Achyut, who is lazy and arrogant but still somehow wins the bosses praises, to the abusive roommate Swati Patel, who thinks she is innocent and you are taking advantage of her, whereas she is the one using you as her mule.

All the names are given on purpose, and are not just some random names assigned; Sister Titty, Maha Achyut, Swati Patel etc. are all characters we have in our lives to make our lives miserable. However, without these trouble creating characters in our life, our life would be like a masala dosa without the masala, as a friend of mine says.

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Somehow with all the characters, their tone and expressions are always hilarious, no matter whatever the situation. You would want to feel angry at sister Titty when she asks Khanna for the father’s name on the abortion form and Khanna argues with her that everything is her’s in this abortion procedure including the money, then the name should also only be her’s. But, the next moment the way sister Titty says “Sperm to tumhara nai hai na?” will make you laugh your brains out.


In the show Dingo is operating a twitter handle called bitchydidi. Bitchydidi is just a regular woman who says all sorts of mean and crazy things, basically every other woman in your life who is more interested in your life doings than you yourself. This series has brought into twitter several bitchydidi’s.

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The series makes a lot of statements keeping up with it’s own comical tone throughout. It doesn’t accuse you of anything, but says a lot of things to rack your brains. The married husband who is on an online dating app for casual sex, the lady who aborts two babies for a boy child, single girl not being trusted to get a house on rent, hospital nurse revealing the sex of the child etc., the series mentions everything going on in our patriarchal society without dropping the bomb.

It gives us a new sense of women friendship, and takes away the notion that two woman can never be awesome friends. Somehow Dingo and Khanna breaks the rule of our society which says that two woman can either be bitchy friends or lovers. Dingo and Khanna are neither, they are not pawns of society who will function according to the norms. They are the one’s who believe in being themselves over anything else, and teach us to do the same too.

Note:Dingo and Khanna are also like virus, once their effect starts into your system it’s very difficult to get it out until you share the virus with others. So, keep sharing this happy virus.


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