From cutie boy to Mr. Perfectionist

I was three when I was playing in the Rock Garden in Delhi. Delhi from those memories of mine had more trees than flyovers, more birds than smoke and with roads which weren’t hidden by cars. I was swinging on those swings which were much bigger in size than I was, when a boy my... Continue Reading →



Smile like you know all their secrets It burns them,  Smile like you have found all the treasure It makes them jealous,  Smile like you have stolen all the hearts  It makes them helpless, Smile like you know it all If makes them doubt themselves, But before this stop and see  If it makes you... Continue Reading →


On my regular Sunday morning, mornings don’t begin until my mom starts nagging and telling me how hundreds of people are jogging outside while I lie in my bed rolled up in the warm fuzzy blanket. That’s how my Sunday’s have began until I shifted to NGV last year. Every Sunday I lay in my... Continue Reading →

Not writing again

Taking a break from writing never works, definitely not for me. I had scheduled myself to a routine, where I ended up writing for more than three times a week or on some blue days even more.  In my life writing is synonymous to music. There are some rhythms or beats that just sticks to... Continue Reading →

The one for me

The one for me is not the one whom you decide for me, he is the one who I decide for myself.   The one for me is not the one who chose to shed tears infront of you, he is the one who chose to shed tears infront of me.   The one for... Continue Reading →


When I looked at her in the mirror, everything was dull and everyday uglier; those strands were always imperfect, and that face always had marks.   The more I turned the pages, The more I found those imperfections in that face, The face made me always hide, my true self.   After enough days of... Continue Reading →

Kicking things around

Some people just have this bad habit of bumping into things, hitting things and hurting themselves all the time. I have all the qualities to qualify as one of those people. I just don't bump into things, I kick them ( unintentionally) as well. Last year I went to visit my new born cousin. All... Continue Reading →

Never let go

Those miles of distance Between us, Are hurdles meant for Us to cross, Those moments when we Crave to just hold Each other, Those are the moments which make us stronger, Stronger to hold on To each other more stronger... This distance only make us stronger enough, To not let go.


When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my whatsapp messages, check my mails, then check my facebook.... and on and on goes this hunting for something new on my phone. Everything happening on my phone can wait until I take a shower and have my breakfast. But instead... Continue Reading →

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