Bonding with sister

Earlier me and my sister used to talk about Doremon , eating chocolates and about homework at school. Today we talk about crushes, relationship and life! Till now I could feel the six and a half years of age gap between us, because there were things of my age which she couldn't understand and as... Continue Reading →


There are times you don't know how to handle yourself.No matter how much you want to shut those feelings up...lock them and throw them away.They keep returning.Even when you know the person doesn't care,The only thing you care about is that person. Because this ain't a film, and there are no happy endings, just you... Continue Reading →


There are lies which shatter your heart, the truth being revealed cut straight through you; There are lies which are meant to be forgiven, only because of the person who matters to you.  

Masking your face

Every morning I am involuntarily woken up, and have to witness the same worry on my sister's face "am I looking fine?" My yes is an assurance with which she confidently marches off to school.I am left in my bed with only this thought "why is it so important for her to spend such huge... Continue Reading →

I, me and myself

I remember reading somewhere that you should choose those people in your life who love you, not whom you love. But how can we segregate in real life? We all are so self-centered, we want everything for ourselves, we see everything as we picture it to be. I really ┬áliked somebody and expected him to... Continue Reading →


Emotions are not meant to be stopped.What's the most natural innate way of letting go of your emotions?For me, crying. I am going to be honest now, I stop myself from crying. Or maybe I should correct myself here and say, I did stop myself. But not anymore. Once upon a time, like many of... Continue Reading →


Friendships are not won by ego or hatred. Its not something you win. Its something you earn. With bonding and love.


There are times when you feel lonely. There are times when you feel lost. There are times when you feel betrayed. and there are times when you feel unloved. But after all these times pass, you realize that what you have lost is the best thing you have gained. You have lost your old less... Continue Reading →

Waking up before dawn

  I am not at all a morning person. You tell me to wake up till 4:00 a.m. I would happily do that without cribbing at all. You tell me to get up at 4:00 a.m. I would strangle you right away (at least in my head). It takes 14-15 alarms continuously ringing for one... Continue Reading →

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